May ATCs received

I got up this morning feeling very under the weather but went in to work. I ended up coming home at 10 o'clock as I was feeling increasingly worse :-(

I was on the sofa about to fall asleep when my ATCs from the 2 swaps I took part in this month dropped through my letter box which as least gave me something to smile about :-)

The first eight are from the Monthly ATC swap run by Becky. They are all amazing! Thank you to Paul, Sheila, Louise, Hazel, Becky for your fantastic works of art!

The second swap I took part in was ATC swappers run by Paul and they are all fantabulous as well! Thank you to Paul, Dawne, Sheila, Michelle, Cheryl, Steph, Angel, Hazel, Becky for your amazing mini masterpieces!
Am off to have a sleep now after I have put my cards safely away in my ATC folder:-)


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