A Big Thank you to Funky Hand Anice

I made this card toniy ght as a symbolic Thank You to Anice the lovely and clever lady behind Funky Hand.
I made the card for Anice for the following 2 reasons....
1. For inspiring me to get hold of a Zutter Bind-it-all after seeing her demos on the Telly, I was scared I wouldn't be able to use it but after seeing the demos and she made it look so easy I went ahead and it is probably one of the most fun craft machines I now own!
2. For giving us a fabulous freebie download of some gorgeous papers on her new Challenge blog launching on the 1st of August. The colours are gorgeous and when printed on lightweight card the papers were great to work with.
These are my first mini books I made with the Bind-it-all and the freebie papers. I love them and they were so much fun to make!
They look so professional and it was hard to stop at just two! So once again, Thanks for the inspiration Anice and the lovely pressie of gorgeous papers.

Please go and check out Anice's blog and play along on the 1st, I think I am going to miss the first Challenge as I will be too busy that Weekend and the following days to make any cards but I will definitely be there for Challenge no2!



  1. Oh Wow Jane, thank you so much for the thank you card. 'Thank you' for sharing your wonderful creations you have made with the Funky Freebie, those mini books have turned out amazing. I'm always so excited to see what other crafters create with my designs..they're always way better than anything I can come up with!!
    Big hugs
    Anice xx

  2. Hello Jane
    Came over from my blog to see what you were up to. I love my bind it all too.
    You look like you are a busy crafter so I will pop back again to check out the ideas
    Congratulations on a great blog

  3. These are fab! Anice has already seen them I see!!!

    The challenges are set on the first of each month so hopefully you'll have enough time?! Will be good to see you on the challenges!


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