A couple of comissioned cards

No time for any 'creative' cardmaking yesterday. I received a couple of card comissions and I was tied in to two quite defined requests.
The first was to make a card for a Friend to give to the vets who had treated her dog who was really poorly after Christmas. Ruby is fully recovered now (she is the doggy on the left) but she was a very sick dog so we are all so relieved she is better!

The second is a card for my Hubby's Auntie Lindy who is Bingo mad. I used a Flippin women decoupage by Lapashe. I didn't need to add much more. A couple of flowers, a sentiment and some gems.

I even added gems to her bracelet inside the card. Darren says this is a very true representation of his Auntie...
I hope they both like their cards! Not much planned for today except food shopping, a visit from the In-laws and a walk in the woods with the dog. Might be able to sneak in a bit of crafting later....
Have a lovely Sunday!


  1. Hi Jane, A couple of fab cards, love the bingo, it's so fun.
    Bobby was over the moon with his book and card, he thought the lion was fab. He's using the pad to write all his Ben 10 stuff in he said.

    Thank you once again Jane
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  2. Two fab cards Jane, great ideas. I end up frozen in terror when people want specifics like those - you are very good at it!


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