A totally FABULOUS day!

I apologise in advance as this post is probably going to be rather long! Today was the day of the Christmas fair at Crosfields school in Reading. It was my second year taking part. You can see photos of my stall last year here.

The first picture shows the whole of my stall. I was really pleased with how the stall looked as I managed to achieve the vision I had in my head for months. I used a Cream table cloth and a duvet cover and some bunting I won in a blog giveaway from the extremely talented Laura Clempson as a base for the stall and then added cream wire display shelves from BHS and a cupcake stand from Homebase. The baskets I used are mostly from Ikea.
Here is a closer view of my sign and a few other bits and bobs.
The snowman poo and reindeer poo were a great conversation starter and helped to keep people at the stall so they spent more time browsing. I definitely can reccomend having something free and a bit unusual to give away.
The red dotty bags were card kits I made up with enough supplies to make 6 cards. One of my kits will be going to China!

Here is my wonderful Mum who worked so hard all day with me and sold so much by enticing people with the 'poo'! She was such a star! My Dad kept popping in and out the whole day and was a great help unloading and loading the car and providing us with drinks to keep us going.

Here I am at the start of the day, looking a bit nervous! I had no need to as I sold about 3/4 of what I took with me. It was amazing and I had a wonderful surprise when Tammy who is one of my lovely followers came to visit my stall! It was so lovely to meet Tammy and I hope we can stay in touch as she is very local to me.
I feel very thankful tonight to have such lovely family and friends, my Hubby, Mum and Dad, Mum and Dad in law, my kids, my Friends and all my lovely Blogger Friends have all been rooting for me and have been so supportive. Your kind words and encouraging comments have helped me to achieve so much and I wish I could Thank you all personally!
After such an amazing day, I have even more good news this evening when I came home and checked my emails. I can't share it with you yet but I can't wait to tell you as I am so excited!!
If you are still reading....sorry this post has been so long! I am off to bed now.
Hope you had a lovely weekend.


  1. Hallo Jane, congratulations to you as well. I think your stall was one of the best looking in the hall. Your goodies were amazing. And thank you so much again for this lovely clip. It is brilliant and it will come very handy. See you tomorrow, Petra.

  2. Aaah Jane, I'm so pleased for you. You deserve the success, you've worked so hard and thought of everything, the stall looks amazing. Well done. :)xx

  3. Hey there Jane...It seems so funny you being so close to where I grew up!
    Anyway I love your stall and Congratulations on it being such a success! I have a few coming up now!
    I love the idea of the reindeer poo!

  4. Well done Jane, am really pleased for you.. the stand looked great; worth the hard work.
    Am excited to share your news when you can..and as for long posts, MG never apologise to me - I go on almost indefinitely!

  5. congratulations on such a successful day!!


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