What's on your Workdesk Wednesday

There has not been much crafting going on the past couple of days on my desk so it is relatively tidy. I was not feeling too good Monday evening and had a splitting headache and sore eyes last night so crashed out as soon as I came home so the desk is in pretty much the same state since Sunday. You can see some new Nesties I received yesterday on the right hand side, still in their packets, no energy to take them out last night. Hubby knew I was feeling ill as I didn't even open them! There are also some gorgeous Die-cuts I received as a pressie from Susie, can't wait to have a play with them!

I know my desk is a bit boring today but why not show us yours? Upload a piccie to your blog and link it up to Julia's post on her blog to share with the world!

I received an award yesterday from my Sassy Designs boss Susie, it requires a bit of work before I can pass it on as there are loads of questions to answer so I hope to sort that out later.
Thanks so much Susie!
Anyway, better go and start the day, busy one ahead! Need to pop to town at lunchtime. I have already done a bit of shopping today. Lili of the Valley released their new stamps today. I was not lucky enough to go to the NEC to get some so I have been waiting for today, I was really pleased they were already there when I woke up so I ordered some already!
Have a nice Wednesday!


  1. My goodness, you're onthe ball this morning, it's 7.20am and you've posted already! Hope a big sleep has you feeling better today. Whenyou say a 'few' nestabilities - you mean a king's ransoms worth really?!! I don't think your desk looks boring at all. Later this morning, I'll show you boring!

  2. Hi Jane,
    Thanks for your comment on my craft space, can't do What's On Your Desk Wednesday because it's always empty as soon as i've done a card it's all put back into place and as I'm making my cards as I get something out I put it straight back. Boring I know but being short of space it's how i find things when I want them. Great award isn't it. Lots of interseting good ies on yours, I spy Nesties, there on my wish list. Lol!
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  3. Boring !!! never Jane darling , and you are welcome to the award
    I see lots of interesting things on your desk ...whats that orange stuff on the sponge wedge ?
    and we have the same basket tower !!!...great minds think alike !!
    Shame I don't live near you anymore or I would be round to rummage more !! lol
    Love Susie xx

  4. Oh poor you , must be this awful thing going about , me too done nothing for weeks.
    But had to play today ( well it is WOYW) lol
    Hope you get to play with your new goddies soon x

  5. great desk, hope you feel better soon, great use for your matlteser container, eat some more it will make you feel better, love seeing these craft desks

  6. Hope you feel well enough to open those nesties soon. Your desk still has lots to nosey at xxx

  7. ooh I hope you feel better soon - there's nothing worse than lovely things to play with and not feeling well enough to play!!

    Anyway, here's my WOYWW photo for this week!

  8. Nothing boring about that desk!!! tons to look at and drool over! I hope that the headache has gone and you are feeling more able to play with your new yummy items of stash and tools :)


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