A Friday Freebie card and some dissapointing news

I didn't get around to making a card with the Pollycraft Friday Freebie last week as I was really busy! I did a little bit of stash shopping yesterday and a bit of cardmaking today so things are getting back to normal!
Paula has a gorgeous Mermaid image to share with you all this week.

I decide to create and underwater scene using K+CO papers for the Mermaid to swim around in. I coloured the image with Promarkers and added glitter and glossy accents to her tail. I added some Prima flowers for seaweed and dotted a few pearls around. The sentiment I used is Hero Arts.

I found something out yesterday that really shook me up, it's quite a long story so I will try and keep it brief. I normally take all the cards I don't use and sell them to a craft/gift shop which is my 'local'. I sell them for about £1.75 to £2.00 and the lady who runs the shop puts 50p on them before selling them. She told me yesterday they suspect one of the ladies who comes in and buys my cards is selling them on to another handmade card shop (who charge around £6.00 per card) and passing them on as her own!!! My cards have been seen there and apparently this woman has done this before. I couldn't believe it!! I was so upset and angry I stormed round to the card shop hoping to see one of my cards there with someone elses details there but they were all gone. I am going to keep an eye on this shop the next time I take a large batch of cards to sell. I was so angry and upset that someone would do this.
Has anything similar ever happened to you, if you have any advice for me, I would be really grateful for any suggestions on what I should do next :-( .
Sorry this has been a longer post than usual, hope you all had a lovely weekend


  1. Jane that is truely AWFUL! I cannot believe someone would do that! I'm angry for you! Are the 2nd shop aware of this? Maybe you could have a chat with them so they don't buy from her again? BIG HUGS. I really dont understand some people...sigh.

  2. Hi maybe you should approach the shop that she is selling them too tell them you are the original creator and offer them to buy from you direct and undercut her price this way you will get more than you were and she wont have the opportunity to sell your cards to the shop as hers as you will have cut her out..and you could still offer your original lady an exclusive maybe?

  3. well your mermaid is adorable and your card is fabulous.

    as for your cards... i would definitely confront her. do you stamp the back of your cards with your information? vistaprint.com has stamps you can get just for the price of shipping & handling. labels can be taken off. and unless she cuts the card in half and uses just the front, i'd invest in a stamp.

    still, it's a poor excuse for a person to do something like that. bring in pictures of your cards when you do confront her. then she can't say anything.

    good luck and please keep us posted.

  4. That's awful Jane no wonder you were upset.It makes you wonder how someone could do such a thing. I always put a made by label on the back of my cards so no one could pass them off as if they had made it themselves. I hope you can work something out
    Your mermaid card is lovely

    Hugs Jackie x

  5. Oh Jane that is so awful, I have only once sold my cards and that was a long time before I started blogging. Looking back they were so amateurish I wouldn't have thought anyone would bother to sell them on. However, your cards are a whole different ball game. I suppose the only thing I can think of is using a stamp to say hand made by you.
    Also you could say to the shop owner who is selling the cards for the thief - that if you see her selling one of your cards again you will inform the police that she is selling 'stolen goods' - don't know if this is strictly true but it may frighten her enough to send the woman away.
    Check on line for your rights as the actual owner - what is the law about selling someone elses products as your own.
    Or approach the person selling the stolen goods and ask her to sell your cards for you then the other lady can't take them as her own.
    Wow just a few ideas - what does everyone else think???

    BTW did I see you in teh latest Creativity Magazine???

    Hugs Ali x

  6. Lovely card Jane!!!

    I'm astounded at this "ladies" disgusting behaviour!! If I was you I'd get a stamp made up with your details on it that you can use to stamp the back of every card you make. That may stop and make her think!

    Jo x

  7. Great card. It's always disappointing when people are dishonest.

  8. Thats awful Jane, I hope you catch her!

  9. Jane this lady is obviously no good at crafting why else would she use someone else's work as her own what gain can she possibly get from doing it other than monitory she can only be desperate or devious but it's still no excuse.
    Carol Ann xx

  10. Hi Jane, firstly I love your Mermaid. Secondly, what a horrid thing to happen to you. I would definately have a word with the lady selling the cards and invest in a stamp to stamp the back of the card. It's such a shame you have to go to these lengths, but these are your fantastic designs and surely it's your copyright? Sorry don't know much about that side of things, as I've nver sold any! The best of luck my friend, keep us posted. Love S xx

  11. Oh my goodness you can't believe some people. Hope you get it resolved!! ((hugs))

  12. So sorry abt this :(
    I really think you should stamp your name on the back of the card.


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