What I did today...

My first weekend as a Puppy owner has been much quieter than our usual weekends. I was up early so made some ATCs and while I was having breakfast the latest issue of Simply Cards and Papercraft arrived.
I was excited to see one of my cards in the Reader's Gallery. I had sent this fairy card in ages ago and had almost forgotten about it!

As I was going to be housebound for the rest of the day, I decided to finally tackle my Craft storage issue...I had bought the shelves on the right of the photo earlier in the week so I put them up today. I also swopped a chest of drawers that my TV was on for a cupboard that used to live downstairs so I have doubled my available storage and have finally cleared my desk so I can work on it.

I have put Charlie's basket next to my desk and I might try having him upstairs with me for a while tomorrow. I have a few cards to make but am suffering from a lack of inspiration at the moment. Hopefully my mojo will return when I sit at my nice tidy desk. The shelves look a bit of a mess at the moment but am hoping to spend a few hours organising everything properly next weekend. I have some baskets in the loft which will be perfect.
Charlie had a ride in the car today, we have decided to take him out on a regular basis in the car to get him used to it and he was really good, no noise, a bit shaky to start but fine!
I hope you are having a good weekend!

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