My first award!

I had a wonderful surprise when I logged on this morning to check my Blog as I received the award below from Paul. Paul is an Elzybells addict like myself and his blog also puts a smile on my face so I was so chuffed to receive this award (my first ever!) from such a talented Crafter.

Now I have to write 5 things about myself and then pass it on to 5 more people so that we are spreading the smiles.
1. I grew up in France and am fluent in French
2. I am really scared of Frogs
3. I love Dorset and would love to be able to live there
4. I cannot crochet and really wish that I could learn but I can't get the hang of it
5. I failed my driving test so many times I have lost count (I think it was 7!) before finally passing in 2004.

I am now passing on the award to 5 other Bloggers whose blogs I love to read and who make me smile with their gorgeous creations.
1. Dolly - for her gorgeous unique cards and fabulous stitching
2. Jane - for her beautiful whimsical designs and beautiful colouring
3. Claire - for sharing my Elzybells addiction and crafty chats
4. Jane - for her buttons and her unique cardmaking style
5. Hazel - for her dedication to Challenges and swaps and always producing such inspirational DT cards.

Thanks once again to Paul for this award!


  1. Oh Jane I wive you another
    later on this week
    liz x

  2. Wow!!! Thanks!!! You just made my day!

  3. Wow Jane, thanks so much! you've made my day too! Off to think of 5 things about myself now! ;) x

  4. Hallo Jane, Congratulations. This is wonderful. Your creations always make ME smile! Petra.

  5. Thank you so much for passing this award on to me Jane I'm thrilled!!! Congratulations on recieving it too, very well deserved! hugs, Jane x x


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