Thursday, 22 October 2009

Big card.....big headache!

I made a card this evening to give to do the rounds to be signed at work for someone who is leaving. The logo on the card is for the European Weather centre where I work. The person who is leaving loves running and used to organise the Work Fun Runs twice a year.

I had a plan for the card but it has taken ages to put together. The sewing kept going wrong, my daylight bulb in my desk lamp has blown so working with the colours was difficult and the photos I have taken do not look very good.

I am worried the card is a bit plain but I am completely stuck as to what else I can add to the card as it is a card for a man! No flowers or bling allowed, buttons don't look right...
I am going to put it away now and tidy up as I have turned all my Craft stash upside down looking for something to add to the card and am giving up now.
I hate it when a crafting session ends like this :-( I had a really good day though as I won the Elzybells blog Challenge with my little Halloween box! I won a voucher and spent it within 20 minutes! I can't resist the Elzybells new releases!
Friday tomorrow, my boy is coming home!!!

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  1. Great card, I don't think it needs any thing else

    Hugs Jackie x


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