Wednesday, 18 November 2009

What's on your Workdesk Wednesday

It is Wednesday again and time for WOYWW, hosted by the lovely Julia. Here is my desk. It is tidy. Dad if you are reading this, you are right, I cheated and tidied my desk just before taking this photo. I was too ashamed to show the desk in it's raw state (partly beacause you couldn't really see the desk!) I was actually thinking I'm not going to participate in WOYWW this week but I just had to! I guess I am addicted to sharing!

There are lots of things lurking on the edges of the desk, a couple of DT cards, some stamps I am going to use for my next DT project for Easy Craft projects. A lovely little organza bag containing treasures from Susie's Die Cut Dreams shop ready to use on a project, the ATCS I have received so far for my ATC swap...
I actually have 2 work areas going at the moment. The photo below is my dining room table. I have been preparing for a Christmas Fair which takes place on Sunday so have been doing a bit of work on my larger table downstairs too. There are lots of things ready to sell in the big basket.
The sad thing is, I took these very early this morning and in the hour or so I was at home before I left for work, I have managed to mess both of them up even more by starting 2 new Projects! An empty desk is just irresistible to me, I just have to make a mess!
Why not show us your Workspaces and link them up to Julia's blog. I love having a nosey at what you have all been up to!

In other news, I am very happy to have accepted a position on the Design Team for the Easy Craft Projects Challenge blog.

Our first Challenge will start in the next couple of weeks so keep an eye on the blog for details of this and also a great giveaway!

Have a lovely Wednesday!


  1. Lovely clean desk, please remind me again about the new challenge blog Jane.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  2. Well Jane, as you know, I applaud untidy...but I'm loving your space, for sure. Good luck with the fair on Sunday, and congrats on your DT appointment. Go you!

  3. I was only half brave ...if you had seen the full area ..then I would have been brave lol
    Congratulations on the DT position

  4. Congrats on yourDT spot, haven't heard of that blog so will go check it out.

    Guess what I did this week? Your desk just reminded me to tell you... I ran out of DT!! Shock horror, I've been resorting to Pritt Stick till I can get some more. Not good, not good at all!

    Have fun at the fair, hope you sell lots :)

  5. Cheat , lol want to see the before lol
    looks lovely when it's all tidy and ready to go , you just have to!
    Good look for the sale on Sunday , i am sure you will do fab x
    Yes i was going to miss this week .. but like you , could not help myself

  6. Pity you didn't show us the 'before' picture - super tidy workspace - but how long will it stay that way? x

  7. You and I have homework for next week - make our desks messy! x

  8. Lovely tidy workspace - good luck with the fair and congratulations on your DT posting x Shell

  9. Lol I'm still here I have had a window open on your blog almost all of today I keep going to leave a comment and something distracts me !!!well at last I am back ....
    Your desk looks too tidy today (maybe I am still here waiting for some mess to happen !! Lol)
    I like your big clear craft mat I never noticed that before is it new?
    Yes that's a 2 seater cream silky sofa (so I have to be careful not to flick my ink that way !!) its in front of my desk and the TV is in front of that so Garry sits on the sofa and I am right behind him so we are never apart (awww how sweet !! I here you say !! He he ) and I don't miss anything on the telly while crafting ....I got it all sussed !! He he
    Happy crafting want to see more mess next week ....I'll probably still be here with a window open on your blog ...or I may even have a web cam set up by then, and then we can really craft together can't we
    Love Susie xx

  10. oooh what a lovely tidy desk!! Doesn't it make you feel good and get the fingers itching to make more mess!!? ;-)

  11. ooooo a lovely tidy desk Jane ... that is always exciting ... the start of a new project :0)

  12. Very sneaky to tidy first!

    I might have to try that one week - just for the novelty value!

    Love yout star tree project in the post above

  13. Nice and tidy, but itf you are like me, One project and it is soon a mess


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