WOYWW? I've got piles....of stash!

This is what my desk looks like today. I had to throw away some of the debris to pile up all the supplies which were strewn over my desk to take stock of what I still have left to do.

There are a few new things on my desk. On the left at the back is a box I have made as a DT project for the next Easy Craft projects Challenge, next to that is a bag full of scrummy glittery wooden hearts courtesy of Julia of WOYWW fame. One has already been altered and if I had thought about it I would have put it somewhere on my desk before taking this photo...duh!
There is a Sizzix box from Paul which I will be filling with sweeties before giving to my Friend Pauline for Christmas as she loves dogs. On the right hanging from my pinboard is an ornament I made for the latest Funky hand Challenge...what else....um......the blue box lid has my written Christmas cards in that have to be hand delivered. I posted all the others today. The box also has various bits of stash and ribbon in which I bunged in there while having a mad tidying frenzy. The pile on the right is lots of bits I had pulled out to use but ended up not using and am yet to put them away.
I am on target for finishing all my outstanding bits and pieces tomorrow night. I have 2 baby cards to make, one baby tag and 2 other cards. I know what I want to do with the cards so it should be quite straightforward...well it would have been but I bet I have put the mockers on it now!
I did say to my Hubby that I would do no crafting and no blogging after tomorrow but in all honesty I think am still going to have to blog as I will have lots of photos to share with you from all these last minute projects.
Right, enough rambling from me...make sure you check out Julia's blog and link up a photo of your desk too for this week's What's on your Workdesk Wednesday.
Hope to see you there!


  1. That looks like a really organised crafting space :-) Just enough room for crafting and everything to hand. Brilliant.
    A x

  2. Jane I need you to take a day off work and come and organize me and my space , you always seem to be so in control of what you are doing and how you work .....I am so jealous !!
    Hugs Susie xx

  3. I know what you mean about tidying up so you can get a focus...am going to do just that this afternoon. Your desk is not untidy though, just busy...your actual work area is free, that's impressive! Hope you can find time toblog some more!

  4. Love the box and the ornament :) Lots on the desk but tidy ;)
    Anne xx

  5. I am loving your title this week Jane!!!

    Now two things I need to know:
    1. what is that pink thing dangling on the left? I can make out a body and legs.
    and 2, is that a stamp of the dog and kennel and if so who makes it? Thanks!

    Desk is too tidy though xxx

  6. I really like your paper ornament. Very classy.
    Your desk looks very tidy and organised, and the pinboard has colourful things to inspire you. I too use a pinboard and 'store' photos there until I get an idea in my head for scrapping them - which can be a very long time coming!

  7. what a great looking desk - I must say that although I have made all my cards, they have yet to be written in and posted!!! I really had better get a move on!! ;-)

  8. ooh your desk looks lovely and tidy :-) I really must do something with mine :-(

    Lols x x


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